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Lack of action on Durham’s air quality

by Elvet & Gilesgate Lib Dems on 22 November, 2018

We have previously highlighted that air pollution in Durham City is above safe levels. The council is being monitored by the Department for Environment as the air quality breeches European standards. The council does have an action plan but we have always believed that the plan would not lead to any noticeable improvement. Cllr David […]

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Support for making car washes slavery-free

by Elvet & Gilesgate Lib Dems on 17 October, 2018

In the week of Anti-Slavery Day (18 October 2018), Durham Lib Dem Councillor Richard Ormerod is urging local drivers, and their passengers, to be vigilant for the presence of modern slavery when they use car washes. Councillor Ormerod said: “Slavery in all of its forms is totally abhorrent, but it still exists even in Britain […]

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New Council HQ on The Sands

by Elvet & Gilesgate Lib Dems on 17 March, 2018

Durham County Council has recently decided to move its headquarters from Aykley Heads to Durham City centre. The site which they have chosen to build is The Sands car park. This new headquarters would not be the same size as County Hall but is likely to be similar in size to the Passport Office building […]

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Free after 3 provides festive treat for motorists

by Elvet & Gilesgate Lib Dems on 5 December, 2017

Visitors to County Durham are in for a festive treat this Christmas with free late afternoon and evening parking. Durham County Council is bringing back its ‘Free after 3’ offer which will see free parking available across the county after 3pm, every day in December. The waiving of charge applies to the council’s off street […]

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Lower Claypath road markings

by Elvet & Gilesgate Lib Dems on 9 September, 2017

Your councillors have been informed that the road markings on Lower Claypath by the take-aways are to be changed to double-yellow lines with kerb markings. Cllrs Richard Ormerod and David Freeman hope that this will reduce the amount of parking on both sides of the road, which causes obstructions. Cllr Richard Ormerod said: “I also […]

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Finney Court Parking Problems

by Elvet & Gilesgate Lib Dems on 7 August, 2017

Your councillors have been contacted by residents of Finney Court in Durham with regard to car parking in the communal areas of the street by non-residents. It appears that several non-residents are regularly parking in Finney Court and then walking (presumably to work) in the city centre. Finney Court’s proximity to the city centre makes […]

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Summer Improvements to Owengate

by Elvet & Gilesgate Lib Dems on 11 July, 2017

Improvement works are taking place at Owengate, Durham City, this summer. Works to widen the footpaths to improve disabled access to Palace Green Library, Durham Cathedral and Durham Castle will start on Monday 24 July until September. The works are part of a two year programme of £1.84m investment to improve the roads and footpaths […]

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Cathedral Bus

by Elvet & Gilesgate Lib Dems on 27 April, 2017

Residents have asked about the possibility of the Cathedral Bus service having an extra pickup further down The Sands. Councillors Richard Ormerod and David Freeman fully support this as it would make it easier for residents of Ferens Close, Ferens Park and Orchard Drive to get into the city centre. Unfortunately the Council has not […]

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Hallgarth Street and Quarry Heads Lane

by Elvet & Gilesgate Lib Dems on 13 April, 2017

Councillors Richard Ormerod and David Freeman would like to thank residents of Hallgarth Street, Church Street and Quarry Heads Lane for making them so welcome on their second door-knocking visit of the campaign tonight. If they have still not managed to speak to you, rest assured they will try again in the near future. Your […]

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Footpath, A691 to rail station

by Elvet & Gilesgate Lib Dems on 29 November, 2016

Your councilors have  been informed that improvements to the footpath link to the rail station on the east side of the A691 are now in the council’s programme for next year. This should encourage greater usage of the parking bays in the service road adjacent the Garden House.

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