Councillors Richard Ormerod, David Freeman, Carole Lattin, Rob Hanson & Helen Weston

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About Us

David Freeman

I have lived in Durham all my life and work in the city centre as a Civil Servant at the Passport Office, where I am also a trade union representative. I have been the area’s councillor since 2003. During that time I have worked with our local communities and residents associations to improve our green spaces, play areas, streets and city centre to make Durham a better place to live. I am very involved in planning issues, trying to get better developments and opposing the many poor applications. I have campaigned for years for stronger planning policies to protect our city.

There is much more to do to make Durham City better. Our new(ish) Durham City parish council is proving a strong voice for Durham City.

Richard Ormerod

I moved to Durham from Burnley in Lancashire in 1996, and liked it so much I’ve stayed ever since!

I’m married to Amanda and we have two children who attend Durham Johnston School. We live in Durham City. I am a vegetarian and support all law-abiding animal welfare groups. My “day job” is in Redcar, in local government. I previously worked in the telecommunications, printing and music industries.

I have been a county councillor for the Elvet & Gilesgate division since 2013 and a parish councillor since 2018. With David Freeman I have worked hard to get improvements to our area, especially to the play areas and the historic city centre.

I am keen to protect our historic city, whilst ensuring that it has a vibrant future. I am particularly keen to assist local small businesses wherever I can.