Great news on Boatyard improvements

by Elvet & Gilesgate Lib Dems on 5 February, 2017

Your councillors have just received confirmation of a further scheme for substantial improvements around the Boathouse, off Elvet Bridge. Using our Neighbourhood Budget we have secured £35,000. As a result we have been able to get matched funding from the council of £350,000 for the scheme, which will start later in the year.

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Lib Dems support a town council for Durham

by Elvet & Gilesgate Lib Dems on 4 February, 2017

Durham County Council is about to consult again on whether Durham City centre should have its own town council. All those on the electoral register will receive a ballot. This is the second time we have tried to get a town council and we hope this time there is a wide enough response to ensure […]

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Future of Dunelm House

by Elvet & Gilesgate Lib Dems on 2 February, 2017

In many ways it will be a loss to Durham City if Dunelm House is demolished in a few years as Durham University has announced. Brutalist architecture has few supporters but Dunelm House is unique particularly when taken in partnership with Kingsgate Bridge and adds considerably to the visual interest of Durham City. The student […]

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Have your say on “To Let” boards

by Elvet & Gilesgate Lib Dems on 31 January, 2017

The Labour council is finally taking seriously the need for stronger rules to control the number of ‘to let’ boards in Durham City. Durham County Council introduced a voluntary code in 2009. However, following this, many letting agents breached the code, so the council is now consulting on a possible application to the Secretary of […]

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Merry Christmas from your councillors!

by Elvet & Gilesgate Lib Dems on 24 December, 2016

Councillors David Freeman and Richard Ormerod would like to wish all residents of Durham a very happy Christmas, and a peaceful, successful new year.

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Pelaw Woods landslip update

by Elvet & Gilesgate Lib Dems on 30 November, 2016

Following thorough analysis of the second landslip, a design to stabilise the ground has been completed. Additional soil nailing works were also required to stabilise the steepest parts of the bankside. A mesh will be installed at the surface and vegetation allowed to grow through. Work continues to stabilise the slope using stone and ‘geoweb’ […]

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Footpath, A691 to rail station

by Elvet & Gilesgate Lib Dems on 29 November, 2016

Your councilors have  been informed that improvements to the footpath link to the rail station on the east side of the A691 are now in the council’s programme for next year. This should encourage greater usage of the parking bays in the service road adjacent the Garden House.

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Milburngate House site approved by Council despite questions

by Elvet & Gilesgate Lib Dems on 8 November, 2016

Last week the council approved the redevelopment of the Milburngate House site for a mixed use development comprising leisure use, a cinema, office accommodation and 440 flats. Our view is that Millburngate House does have to be redeveloped but there are aspects of the plans which we were not happy about. The height of the […]

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New benches for Gilesgate Bank

by Elvet & Gilesgate Lib Dems on 2 November, 2016

The top of Gilesgate Bank (north side) is to have two new benches. The bench there at the moment is in poor condition. In its place will go two high-quality new ones, costing £1,455 from the Members’ Initiative Fund of Councillors David Freeman and Richard Ormerod. One of them will carry a plaque in memory […]

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Free after three: Durham County Council car parks in December

by Elvet & Gilesgate Lib Dems on 1 November, 2016

All Durham County Council car parks across the county and on street parking in Durham City will be free after 3pm during December and from 10am on Small Business Saturday – 3rd December. Lib Dem Councillor Richard Ormerod said: “This is a great way to attract Christmas shoppers into Durham City and give a boost […]

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