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Cllr Mandy Ross

I was elected to the City of Durham Council in May 2018.

I was born in Amble, Northumberland and I came to Durham as a student in 1983.

Following graduation, I began my teaching career at Durham Gilesgate Comprehensive and later taught the very first lesson at the “new” Durham Sixth Form College!

My son, also a Durham graduate, was raised here, and I have enjoyed more than thirty years living in this special place.

I now live on Ferens Park in The Sands.

I have recently retired from teaching and I am hoping to maintain an active role working hard in the local community.

In my spare time I am a member of the Durham Walkers Group and Clayport Film Club. In addition, I am currently studying Norwegian at the University.

I am eager to protect the unique beauty of our city, encouraging thoughtful progress in order to build a community where we can all thrive.