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Phil Layton chosen for Durham South

by Group Office on 21 April, 2021

Liberal Democrats have chosen lifelong local resident Phil Layton as their candidate for the parish council in Durham South.

Phil says:

My name is Phil Layton. I live in Hallgarth Street in Durham City. I work for St Oswald’s church, which I have attended since I was a child.

I have lived in Durham for most of my life. This has given me an understanding of the careful balance that is needed between the needs of students and the needs of Durham locals. I believe that the Liberal Democrats are the party which can best support both sides of such a community.

I supported the creation of the parish council because I saw the need for a local level of democracy in Durham, and I was inspired by what the Lib Dems have done with this new opportunity. That is why I am standing for election on 6th of May in Durham South Ward.

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