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Durham University plans

by Group Office on 20 March, 2021

The university has shared their plans with us:

•             Until Easter, with very few exceptions, all teaching remains online.

•             The third (Easter) term begins on Monday 26th April, and they have no intention of encouraging students to return to Durham before then.

•             If and when students do return after Easter, they expect teaching to be both online and in-person in Covid-secure teaching environments.

•             They are continuing to remind students to stay at home where they can.

Of course the reality is that there are probably about 8000 students in the city at present, the vast majority in shared houses rather in college. The university appears to be doing little about this and we receive regular contact about breaches of guidelines and indeed parties happening with lots of households mixing. Please call the police on telephone number 101 if you have any concerns.

It is also of concern to us that Durham University is hoping to offer its students the best possible end to the academic year through activities including sport, music, theatre and volunteering. Even if these are in line with the restrictions in place at the time we are concerned by the attitude they are taking. As in previous years end of term parties would seem very likely.

City centre councillors have been challenging the university on their actions (and lack of action) on residents’ concerns.  We welcome that some students who breach Covid regulations are being given community service to do within the city on top of any fines given by the police. So far over 500 hours have been racked up!

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