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Labour cutting financial support to vulnerable

by Group Office on 23 May, 2020

The Labour-run County Council has cut a key welfare benefit from £1,000 to £500, on the basis that too much of the funding is being used. We’ve called for this decision to be reversed and the additional funding to be found. Especially considering the current crisis we’re currently in concerning Covid-19.

It is shameful that a benefit the needy access in some of their most vulnerable situations has been cut. The grant assists those in financial need when deemed homeless, from damage to their property such as fire, fleeing domestic abuse/violence, and leaving prison. To buy essential items that they would need in these situations that they couldn’t afford through their regular benefit payments.

The decision was delegated to council officers and reported to county councillors almost a month after it had been made. So the Labour portfolio holder failed to take responsibility for making this important political decision and made it behind closed doors.

Thus ensuring that no scrutiny could be performed and residents’ views raised through the process!

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